I could not give Lynn Garcia a higher recommendation. She literally excels in all aspects of her job & is a thorough professional. Lynn is smart, funny, strategic & a great advocate for her clients throughout the entire purchase & selling process. Lynn is a great communicator; she is on top of things & is a problem solver. All transactions have their rough patches, their challenges; Lynn is undaunted. She’s canny, street-smart & knows how to keep a deal on track & get it to the finish line. She never gives up-she just comes up with a new plan. While Lynn has the ability to be tough (the right amount of tough to ensure her clients have their needs met), she is also caring & empathetic. She gets that buying & selling is inherently stressful & she’s extremely adept at hanging in there when clients are having the inevitable freak out; she will go above & beyond in that department! Patient, caring & genuine. In short, Lynn is the whole package. She inspires confidence & putting yourself in her capable hands just makes the complex task of buying and/or selling a house infinitely easier. A+++

— Jim Farkas